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Your CMO Upgrade

Let us partner with you to help roll out highly consumable, engaging content and sales campaigns needed to fuel your modern brand.

Standard Benchmarks

email open rate: 15-20%

Our Agency Results

email open rate: 40% and up

email CTR: .5-3%

Email CTR: 2%-4% 

sales page conversion: 2.5%

sales page conversion: 3.5-7.5%

social media engagement: 1-3%


marketing campaign roi: 2-3x

marketing campaign roi: 7.5-10x and up

these kind of results CAN change everything.

ready to see what's possible? 

We begin by deep diving into your brand, analyzing current data and immersing ourselves in your target audience. This includes assessing KPIs, conducting market research and performing competitor analysis for a 360-degree view of the business to develop effective marketing strategies that will seed future campaigns.

01 / The Research

02 / The Operations

“As I started on my path to a gorgeous funnel, it was clear that I needed a more hands-on guide. Chessica and Nickie acted as my funnel gurus. They helped me with copy, with tech, and with emotional support + encouragement as we got close to launch. they helped me get to where I wanted to go. I couldn't have done it without them."

- marly bird, youtube instructor

how house of prodigy works

After establishing a solid research foundation, our team will set you up with a full suite of marketing tools, project management software, and digital dashboards to monitor and optimize performance.

03 / The Build Out

Aka, hand-delivering the strategy. To achieve measurable results our team will develop personalized marketing plans and campaigns tailored to your business's goals. We’ll define objectives, identify profitable segments and develop actionable strategies and sales campaigns that serve as the blueprint to get you where you want to go. 

With steps one through three complete, we have the momentum to execute synergistically with compelling, click-worthy copy proven to convert. Through the power of words, visual concepts and creative ideas are brought to life, making your advertising campaigns memorable and captivating. Using powerful sales frameworks coupled with storytelling that generates interest, we ignite desire among customers and engage them at every stage of the buyer's journey.

04 / The Execution

Our deliverables are a strategic blend of research, creativity, consumer psychology, and persuasion.

they include, but are not limited to:

Email marketing
Brand story and origin
Advertising campaign copy
Webinar scripts and slide copy
Video Sales Letter scripts
Long and short form sales pages 
Landing pages
Event registration pages
Display advertisement

Content creation and planning
Brand messaging guides
Product name, slogans and taglines
Funnel mapping
Social media copy
Website copy refresh
Affiliate content

05 / Analyze, Iterate, Optimize

As a conversion-focused marketing agency, we believe in monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing campaigns regularly so we can 1) evaluate performance 2) make data-driven decisions 3) stay agile and adaptable, and 4) make iterative changes that prevent plateaus and lead to sustained growth.

From there, we test NEW ideas and refine our strategies, always aiming for better outcomes in the future.

“The most personalized experience I’ve ever had for getting my emails written and written well, without taking over a lot of my time. My open rates and click-through rates are up, too. I highly recommend Chessica & Nickie!”

- Pamela Carpenter, Build a Better Business

Prioritized Results.


Personalized Attention.

Strategic Support.

Our partnership means you and your team work directly with Chessica and Nickie. That’s why we have limited availability, reserving just five spots for discerning clients just like you.

It's time to experience the difference of a high-touch agency that has the bandwidth to deliver

truly exceptional results.