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05 / case study / 2023

How the House of Prodigy netted this entrepreneur over $500,000 in sales in ONE WEEK, using two simple strategies.

The Dilemma

Mel Browne is an Australian-based Financial Coach for women, podcaster, author, and self-made multimillionaire. 

Mel’s signature course, My Financial Adulting Plan, is all about helping women get into the driver's seat of their finances, get out of debt and conquer their fear around investing – a truly phenomenal program that has changed the lives of thousands of women.

Mel wanted to increase her conversions, so she could reach more customers and decided that the best way to do that was to give her sales page and launch emails needed a major glow up.

She had never worked with a copywriter before and decided to partner with the House of Prodigy for her January 2023 launch. 

Mel has two very distinct avatars, women in debt and women who want to learn how to invest their money. She wanted to find a way to speak to both of them on the sales page and in the emails. 

Chessica and Nickie conducted their signature deep dive call to gather voice of customer data and get a better understanding of Mels brand and course. Then they analyzed her website, social media, and surveys.

As they began to read her current copy and comb through her social media, they noticed that Mel’s fun and engaging personality was missing in her copy. 

Mel’s instagram copy was full of out-of-the-box plays on pop culture and engaging elements, but when users read her emails and sales page, the “fun” was gone.  

In order to increase her conversions, Chessica and Nickie needed to: 
  • Address the needs of both avatars
  • Incorporate sales triggers and story that was missing from the current emails and sales page 
  • Weave in parts of her personality into the copy, so there would be no disconnect from the Mel on social media and the Mel on the copy. 

To make the sales page feel more like Mel, Chessica and Nickie analyzed her social media, took posts with the most engagement and weaved that same language into her sales page and emails. 

Then they used voice of customer data from testimonials, and surveys to mine for data that spoke to the root of the problem both avatars were experiencing. They also used that information to weave missing elements into the current sales page and emails. 

The Epilogue

Mel has a fantastic product, an engaged audience, and a great mission all that was missing was a great copy that truly showcased the transformative power of her course. 

The House of Prodigy was able to provide all that and more for them. 

Mel opened the cart to My Financial Adulting Plan in January 2023 and in just one week she garnered over $500,000 – resulting in her best launch ever. 

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