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Chessica LaBianca was co-founder and co-creator of The Funnel Sisters and House of Prodigy. She worked closely with Nickie for four years to deliver memorable, out-of-the-box campaign strategies that made competitors wish they had thought of them first.

In 2024, Chessica transitioned from her role as founder to embark on a new and exciting chapter in her life, embracing the joys of motherhood and military life in beautiful Hawaii. Her creative vision and passion continue to inspire our team and shape our approach to this day. We're so grateful for the time we shared with Chessica and the foundation she built for our company. We wish her all the best on her new adventure!

the strategic think tank.

Nicole Kehoe is co-founder and co-creator of The Funnel Sisters and House of Prodigy. She is a United States Air Force veteran with an Honors Bachelor's degree in Marketing from American Military University. 

Drawing on her expertise in business strategy, consumer psychology, and product launch campaigns, she crystallizes creative strategies into concrete achievements generating milestone outcomes. 

Pair that with her team's creativity and you've got a marketing A-team that knows how to take a CEO's grand vision from the drawing board to the big stage.


80% of customers are craving personalized experiences. 90% of marketers know it's the key to unlocking growth.

You can't afford to ignore these numbers.

In a world where tailored messaging reigns supreme, generic marketing is like shouting into the void.

With Google and social platforms constantly evolving, the gap between you and your audience widens every day. But it doesn't have to.

We understand these challenges and have navigated these waters successfully. Book a call today and let's bridge that gap together.

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Personalization Marketing.

“As I started on my path to a gorgeous funnel, it was clear that I needed a more hands-on guide. Chessica and Nickie acted as my funnel gurus. They helped me with copy, with tech, and with emotional support + encouragement as we got close to launch. they helped me get to where I wanted to go. I couldn't have done it without them."

- marly bird, youtube instructor

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"I've been working with Chessica and Nickie for two months and I'm already BLOWN AWAY! Not only do they get 'my voice' but they bring so much extra pizazz and character to really make my emails come alive. They are a joy to work with and the process is so easy - 30 minutes of my time to chat about the upcoming month and then all of a sudden I have 4 expertly crafted emails ready to nurture my list. It goes without saying... I will definitely continue working with them (and highly recommend you do too)!"

- julia taylor, GeekPack®

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