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4.1X better launch results with the House of Prodigy. We understood the assignment.

The Dilemma

BEFORE working with the House of Prodigy this health and fitness coach’s biggest launch was $2,900. AFTER working with the House of Prodigy her biggest netted over $12,000 in sales.

Here’s what went down…

Alicia Jones is a highly recognized health and fitness coach that specializes in helping women over 50 gain strength, get energized and lose weight on their terms. 

While Alicia runs a thriving fitness business, she wanted a boost in leads, sales, and students for her signature program, Over Fifty Fit and Fabulous. 

She needed someone who would add stories, personality, high-energy and positivity into her webinar slides, sales page, and launch and nurture emails. 

So she decided to partner with the House of Prodigy. 

Because Alicia’s voice is so distinct and her audience is so niched, the avatar deep-dive was a critical component to the writing process.  

This coupled with the testimonials she sent over, allowed Chessica and Nickie to dig deeper into her brand and learn more about who she serves and their specific needs. 

02 / case study / 2023

Chessica and Nickie got to work immediately auditing and editing her launch email content. 

They took the testimonials and stories she shared inside the deep dive session and used that to infuse brand voice, personality, stories of hope, positivity and transformation inside of her content. This allowed her to connect with her readers on a personal level while also moving them towards the sale. 

Chessica and Nickie then watched her past webinar presentation and looked over slides to find areas where she could infuse more sales triggers and keep the audience more engaged. They audited the sales page to ensure it included enough story to keep readers engaged and reading down the page. And all of the necessary persuasion, sales triggers and direct response elements that compelled the audience to buy. 

Chessica and Nickie delivered the audit to her via loom video and Google document, so she could have a visual and audio representation of all of the copy and design she needed to change to achieve maximum conversions. 

A few hours after her first email went out she received the sweetest reply from a customer, “This is exactly what I need to see in my inbox this morning… what are the next steps to connect with you and get… started.”

The House of Prodigy was so excited for her. The copy connected with the heart of this customer and she ended up selling one seat in her program before the official launch.

The Epilogue

This launch was her biggest one to date. 

By working one-on-one with her and taking special care to understand….
  • Her audience and brand voice
  • Creating content using the voice of her customer
  • And writing to her readers niche specific obstacles 

She yielded over $12,000 in sales and built a deeper connection with her clients (and did we mention that she didn’t run any paid ads to her program as well).  

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