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How the House of Prodigy uncovered a small leak in a funnel, used that to bridge the gap between Tina Tower and her Customers and netted over $300,000 in sales.

The Dilemma

If “big business energy” was a person, it would be Tina Tower. She’s a highly successful business coach, two time author, podcaster, speaker and creator of the HER Empire program. A unique hybrid program that combines business coaching, masterminding, and course content, that is designed for women ready to begin their journey into the world of online course creation. 

HER Empire Builder had been running since June 2020 and was in need of a copywriting revamp and glow-up, since the program had evolved extensively since its initial launch. 

That’s when she decided to step into the House of Prodigy and partner with Chessica and Nickie on a sales page and email copywriting overhaul. 

Tina’s request was simple, she wanted a sales page and emails that were clean, but not too cluttered. She also wanted copy that didn’t tap too much into her customers fears, worries and problems. In her words, she wanted to…
“Keep it high and not sell through fear, but sell through the aspiration and that life can be joyous and wonderful and fun”

Chessica and Nickie excitedly began working on her project. They kicked-off the process by hopping on a deep dive with both her and her marketing director to discuss the brand, avatar, and offer. 

They then began analyzing her customer surveys, testimonials, Facebook community, and other social media accounts to gather voice of customer research. 

But as they started to comb deeper through her assets, they discovered a disconnect between the customer desires and the messaging – a critical component that had to be fixed if they wanted to boost conversions on her new copywriting assets.

04 / case study / 2023

According to Chessica and Nickie’s research, customers looking to join Her Empire Builder desired a comfortable take home salary that allowed them to spend time with their families and live life on their own terms. 

However, Tina was marketing the program to women who wanted to make seven-figures plus – a problem that was causing potential customers to pass on the opportunity to purchase a fantastic program, because they felt like it wasn’t for them.

So Chessica and Nickie made some crucial changes to the sales page. 

First, they called out the avatars towards the top of the page, to prevent readers from bouncing.

Secondly, they changed the definition of HER empire builder to “A life YOU [the avatar] wants to live each day.” To really drive the message home, they included real-life examples of past and former students who created their own “empire” according to their unique desires.

Doing this allowed Tina to speak to her avatars' individual needs. It also helped her capture all of the leads she was losing.

The Epilogue

In this launch the House of Prodigy let the data lead the way. By using a combination of surveys, testimonials, and voice of customer from the deep dive, Chessica and Nickie were able to:
  • Write a sales page that spoke directly to the customers' problems, met them where they were at, and gave them what they truly desired. 
  • Create a sales page that flowed in a logical way and walked readers from problem to solution.
  • Create copywriting assets that are unique to Tina’s fun-loving personality and distinct voice. 

Tina launched in May and by cart close, she ended up enrolling over 72 new members inside her program – which equated to over $366,000 in sales making it her best launch to date! 

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