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We're delivering the kind of marketing ROI that'll make you want to hug your accountant (and maybe us too). 

stressed about increasing ad costs and wasted budgets?

CEOs need Results, now more than ever.

After 12 months of research and development, we've cracked the code to predictable growth and results in the AI era. Now, you get exclusive access.

House of Prodigy blends its signature sales and persuasion frameworks with the precision of personalization marketing and the power of artificial intelligence to create income producing marketing assets that perfectly embody your brand.

>> Need copy to boost sales & revenue? Our AI bot crafts sales pages and product descriptions proven to convert visitors into paying customers, directly boosting your revenue.
>> Want to nurture leads and increase customer value? Our AI-powered email bot crafts messages that build relationships (and revenue).
>> Ready to unlock the secrets of your ideal customer? Our marketing research AI is already on the job, uncovering insights you never knew existed.
>> Curious how to optimize ad spend with data-driven insights? Our AI analyzes campaign performance in real-time, identifying what works and what doesn't, so you get the most out of every dollar you invest.

Name your marketing challenge, we'll build the tech to solve it.

Modern businesses demand modern solutions. That's exactly what we deliver.


It's time AI meets your bottom line. Here's how.

The Formula: Our Creativity x AI x Your Brand DNA.

Don't let another hard-earned dollar vanish into the void when you don't have to. 

Maximize your marketing investment with the team + tools that puts profits back in YOUR pocket.


We've updated the classic ad agency model for the digital age, but kept the cool nicknames and creative spirit.

with Marketing and AI-powered Tools Designed exclusively for Your Brand's Success.

*Built on the foundation of McKinsey research

 65+ happy success stories.

GROW loyalty

boost profits

increase output

reduce costs



increase output










Brands have been turning to us since 2020 for help with growth, messaging and online sales, and we've carefully listened.

We’ve heard the big dreams. Taken to heart the high hopes for successful product launches. As well as helped businesses break new ground  and enter the online space for the first time.

Offering product launch services paired with in-house marketing assistance to ensure seamless support throughout the entire customer journey.

Contractors and agencies that didn’t perform as expected. And investments that didn’t turn out as promised. The fallout of those situations shared with a level of raw honesty and vulnerability that required a contract to keep it confidential.

Yeah. Those moments.

we've also heard about the launches that didn't go as planned.

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We’ve been behind the scenes of so many businesses, seen IT ALL, and at this point, we can almost do our job with our eyes closed.

In fact, we often pinpoint the problem before we hop on a call.

All we need to do is spend a few minutes reading a website or scrolling social media to find out where money is being left on the table.

And nine times out of ten, it's the MESSAGING.

We’ve been behind the scenes of so many businesses, seen IT ALL, and at this point, we can almost do our job with our eyes closed.

In fact, we often pinpoint the problem before we hop on a call.

All we need to do is spend a few minutes reading a website or scrolling social media to find out where money is being left on the table.

And nine times out of ten, it's the MESSAGING.

Sales and persuasion frameworks.
Engaging elements like storytelling and conversation. Interesting hooks and creative angles that captivate attention and desire... 

They may be missing. Or performing poorly.

we've got a reputation for delivering on our promises, time and time again.

A la cart and customizable retainer packages available.

From the deep-sea fishing charter off the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast, to the Emmy award-winning celebrity stylist in the golden hills of California, and clients globally: 

Today in 2024, the challenges are real, but so are the opportunities.

You already know that generic marketing won't solve those issues. You want personalization in an increasingly impersonal world. We see you. That's why, in 2023, House of Prodigy began crafting the next generation of AI tools—the most advanced technology delivering the most personal experience.

That's the paradox of AI-powered marketing, and it's changing the game. Don't miss out.

every business deserves a trusted agency.

And so do you.

The Team And Tools To Power Your Future
let's make
it happen.

You want creative, data-driven campaigns that perform and set you apart.

 A Complimentary Consultation

Crafting Your Bespoke Path

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To begin our journey together, we'll schedule a 20-minute virtual consultation. This is an opportunity for us to connect, hear your aspirations, and explore how our branded AI and agency solutions can support your vision. We'll delve into your unique needs and assess if we're the perfect match to bring your project to life.

Guided by your goals, we'll curate a selection of projects from our portfolio that align with your vision. You'll have the chance to explore these in detail, seeing the versatility and depth of our digital marketing expertise firsthand. Then you'll have the opportunity to try our AI tools through an interactive demonstration and test drive how they work!

Together, we'll craft a tailored plan that best suits your project, considering the scope, budget, and timeline. We'll discuss pricing options and payment plans, ensuring every detail is addressed.

Within 24 hours, you'll receive:

  • A comprehensive quote for your custom AI solution and project.
  • A curated link to our portfolio, showcasing additional relevant projects.
  • A personalized menu of services, offering you the flexibility to select the perfect fit for your needs and discover our full range of services.

A Personalized Portfolio Tour & AI Exploration





and the very first "funnel" we've ever done. You took our funnel from "okay, I might buy this" to "Oh my gosh they get me and I need this product!" with just a few tweaks and specific wording. You went above and beyond to serve us in such a quick turnaround time, and we will be recommending you to everyone we know.” 

Steph Loaiza, The Six Sisters’ Stuff

"This is the best launch

we've ever had

"Working with Chessica and Nickie

is a gamechanger.

I am VERY picky when working with writers because it's so hard to find someone who can adopt your unique voice and tone. No one has captured me better! I trust them implicitly and recommend them to everyone.”

Veronica Romney, Rainmaker Residency™

"My launch was nothing short of


We didn't just meet expectations, we surpassed them! My launch was nothing short of spectacular! Now, not even 30 days later, we already have 250 actively engaged members and an incredible 40% upsell conversion rate for our annual plan. I'm so proud of these results! "



Chessica and Nickie teach in a step-by-step and visual way that my audience knows and loves. They are thorough in their concepts and examples, and went the extra mile in addressing any questions about sales page copywriting. I'd be happy to work with Chessica and Nickie as copywriting coaches again."

Elise Darma, Instagram Educator

"Chessica and Nickie

went the extra mile.

I’ve worked with various copywriters through the years and House of Prodigy is second to none! Their attention to detail and professionalism is a breath of fresh air. Open rates have gone up by 35%, interest has gone up by 75% and my stress level since working with them has gone down by 40%!"


"House of Prodigy

is second to none.

"Crafted copy that spoke directly to

my target audience.

It's been great working with Chessica & Nickie. Their copywriting expertise has helped me to communicate my message in a clear and compelling way to my audience. They took the time to understand my goals and target audience. The process is always seamless and the turnaround time quick. They also provide great suggestions and are open to revisions until I'm completely satisfied."

Abi connick, youtube instructor

from Idea to Concept to Campaign.

House of Prodigy combines human ingenuity with personalized marketing and custom-built AI to transform your brand's growth trajectory. We drive measurable results across all key metrics – from customer acquisition to revenue generation – increasing gross profit by up to 40%.

Backed by McKinsey's research and our four-year proven track record, this is the ultimate solution for brands seeking comprehensive growth without sacrificing their unique brand identity.

Let us show you what we can do with           vision.


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